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Dedicated to advancing the understanding and appreciation of other animals, improving their health and well-being and our relationships with them and the natural world.

“We’ve got a fox in the henhouse, looking at how we keep our livestock, and its name is Michael Fox!”

--From an Agribusiness publication, circa 1982.

Welcome all animal lovers, owners, trainers, breeders, care-providers, and students of animal care, health, welfare and bioethics to my website. I am a veterinarian, graduating from the Royal Veterinary College, London, England in 1962. I did post-graduate research on animal behavior and development in the US, where I now reside, earning a PhD in medicine, and a DSc in ethology/animal behavior from the University of London. I am a member of the British Veterinary Association, the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association and an Honor Roll member of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

I have been writing the syndicated newspaper column “Animal Doctor” for over 40 years and this has given me a wide-angle view of the health and behavioral issues affecting companion animals.

For more details about my concerns, philosophy, and views on a diversity of inter-related topics from conservation, environmental protection, animal welfare, protection and rights, to bioethics, sustainable agriculture, genetic engineering, and food safety, quality, and security, visit some of my writings posted on this personal website. Several of these subjects have been addressed at some length in various books that I have published, titles and order-contact details being featured on this website. New books of relevant interest, including books for children, will be reviewed. Go to Amazon to check out and order any of my own book titles that may be of interest to you.

I will provide news updates on veterinary advances in pet health care, nutrition, disease treatments and preventions, and post health alerts and advisories concerning disease outbreaks and product recalls.

Now please go to the Articles, and look over the various topics that I discuss in the shared goal of helping you get the best out of your animal companions by giving them the best of what they need. They deserve no less for all that they give to us.

My ultimate mission is to help heal the broken bonds between my own species and other living beings and the natural environment for the good of all: One Earth, One Health.