Our Animal Relationships: The Moments of Truth Project

What right do we humans have to exploit other animals? Where does that right come from and what are the limits if any? What duties or obligations do we have in our relationships with our dogs, cats and other animals domesticated and wild?

Follow and support Caroline Kraus and her Moments of Truth Project documentary film as she travels across the U.S. asking people, who variously live, work with and care for animals, these and other relevant questions.

Is there an overriding consensus and what are the reasons why people respond very differently to these questions, which in part examine our character, culture and future?

The viewing and discussion of this kind of documentary should be part of every school curriculum and will be of interest to all who work with, profit from and care for animals.

Project Home Page: http://momentsoftruthproject.com/

To see the interview with Dr. Fox go to http://momentsoftruthproject.com/dr-michael-fox/