India's Animals: Helping the Sacred & the Suffering

This richly illustrated book details the trials and tribulations of setting up an animal shelter and free veterinary services in the heart of a unique wildlife region in S. India, the UNESCO designated Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve.

Deanna Krantz founded and directed India Project for Animals & Nature (IPAN) to indirectly help the indigenous village and tribal peoples by improving the health and well-being of their farmed animals and of the dogs and cats in these communities. Against local and national opposition, disinformation and death-threats, the long-distance “death march” of cattle to slaughter, wildlife poaching, land encroachment and the tragic plight of elephants wild and captive were investigated and documented.

Putting compassion into action and seeking justice for all, she became the voice for animals’ rights and for the indigenous peoples who cared but were silenced by the authorities. This book shatters the myth that animals regarded as “sacred”, especially cows and elephants, are treated humanely, and paves the way for greater transparency and progress in addressing the tragic plight of the animals and all who depend upon them, and the fate of the last of the wild.

We continue to support our veterinary team headed by Dr. M. Sugumaran and purchasing this book you will be helping us sustain this support and spread the message for the good of all.

By Deanna L. Krantz & Dr. Michael W. Fox. One Health Vision Press.2016. 8.5” x 11” 144 pages, Full Color. Order from CreateSpace books/ List Price: $27.99 available on Kindle for $3 (or $0.99 if you bought the print version.)