Dog Owners Beware of Unsecure and Damaging Collars


By Dr. Michael W. Fox

I am posting this warning to all dog owners, Most dogs when outside being walked on the leash can be spooked by sudden, loud noises or when rushed-at by an off-leash dog. If they pull backwards while the leash is being held their collars can quickly slip over their heads and then they may be at risk from running away or into traffic.

I therefore strongly advise all dogs should be walked wearing their regular collars with ID and anti-rabies vaccination tags but have the leash attached to a well-fitting harness around the dogs’ chests and shoulders. This will prevent any panic-triggered escape and possible tragic loss of a beloved canine companion. It will also prevent injury to the soft windpipe or trachea which can be damaged when dogs pull hard on the leash and the regular collar ( never use a choke-chain collar) puts pressure on the trachea.