Companion Animals Harmed By Pesticides


Thanks to the Institute for Responsible Technology, my earlier published concerns over the inclusion of GMO ingredients and pesticides in pet foods (as documented in my book Healing Animals & the Vision of One Health) have galvanized a very informative short documentary film with several veterinarians expressing their concerns and evidence-based clinical findings. Human ailments are mirroring pet ailments. What are you feeding your pets?

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One in less than every two of our beloved, loyal and trusting canine companions are now being diagnosed with cancer. A host of other health problems they suffer have been effectively remedied simply by providing them with more healthful foods. They have become our sentinels like the canaries down in the coal mines, alerting us to dangers in the environment, especially the food-sources we share.

Genetic susceptibility to cancer and other diseases aside, (notably in “purebred” dogs), we humans are primarily responsible. While medical research focuses on early diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other “anthropogenic” diseases, which coincidentally promise great profits for the manufacturers of “cures” even involving gene editing and genetically engineered and cloned farmed animals to produce biopharmaceuticals, there will be no end until significant efforts are taken by governments and all involved, including consumers, to essentially detoxify our poisoned planet.

We owe no less to other species, aquatic and terrestrial, plant, animal, insect and microorganism, as members of the life community who help keep ecosystems and even our own digestive and immune systems healthy.

Otherwise future generations will continue to suffer under increasingly pathogenic conditions that could and should have been prevented by all of us, their predecessors. progenitors of over-population, pollution, climate change, dystopia and disease.